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Epilepsy..Are you Sure?
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Seizures can happen for many reasons. They are not always a symptom of Epilepsy. In fact, about 15-22% of all refferals to epilepsy investigation units are for non-epileptic seizures.

Non-epileptic seizures fall into two categories: physiological or psychogenic. In physiological non-epileptic seizures there is a physical cause such as fainting, heart condition or diabetes. In psychogenic seizures, on the other hand, there is an emotional or pyshological reason.

This website is dedicated to better understanding of non-epileptic seizures. We, it's writers, do NOT have all the answers -in fact, we have more questions than answers at this point.- But we have a solemn desire to learn and educate.

The vast majority of information on this site has been compiled from from various sites and rewritten.

So you might say, our motto is:

"To steal from an author is plagiarism;

to steal from many is research."