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Relax in Knowing Epilepsy

Welcome to Knowing Epilepsy.

  This is where we describe ourselves a little better: our history, our community and our chat room.

  Please feel free to join our community and/or join us in our chat room.

Us ;)

Managers of Our Community and Creators of This Website:

Dodie(Patches), Lynda (Heaven), and Cabrini(Tower)

The best way to describe us is hot, hotter and hottest. The trio started with Myself (Cabrini) then Dodie about 3 yrs ago, Lynda joined us approx 2yrs later making up the third part of the management and mainstay of the group and community.

Dodie comes from Canada, has epilepsy since the age of 10mths old, 30 yrs. She is married with 2 boys, she has a very bubbly and what I call a varied sense of humour. In all the yrs with the group shes been a great help and means of support to those who visited the chat room and the community.

Lynda comes from the US, has epilepsy all her life also, though I cant say as she is a bit shy about her age, reckons she is still 16 lol, but we know better dont we??? ;). She is single, but is looking for love, she also has 2 boys. Lynda is one Id consider has the gift of the gab, shes the one that can get the people into chat and keep them there.

Then theres little old me (Cabrini), Im from Ireland and I have epilepsy 32 yrs. Im single with no children and loads of time on my hands and a lot of brains to burn. Ones would consider me the one behind the Knowing Epilepsy group and community, but personally I consider it a joint effort with all the members and management, who without their help it wouldnt be possible.

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The Community and Members

The community itself is made up of 230 or more people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Their seizures vary in degree and severity thus making it a unique experience for such a quantity of people to come together and share a common link with each other. In the group we have people with epilepsy, people with family members who have epilepsy, people who have friends with epilepsy, spouses with epilepsy and just people who have an interest in epilepsy. In fact it is so wide varied that almost anyone can join our group/community.

Come and Chat

There is also a chatroom connected to this website; In this members and non members can come together to talk about their condition and to give support to each other.  There's also another chatroom in the community for members only.
These chats are first and foremost about:
    1. Support
    2. Respect
    3. Getting to know people, and lastly
    4. Relaxing and having fun

The last one being most important as to escape from the day to day thoughts of ones condition!!!  As is said "laughter is the best cure for all ailments", and so it is true here also. If you feel you need that escape please come along to our chat, you'll be most welcome!

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